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Divorce Process

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Filing for Divorce in San Jose?

What You Need to Know About California Divorce Law

Couple getting divorcedThe divorce process in the state of California can be complicated without the help of an experienced divorce attorney. When you have a professional lawyer on your side acting on your behalf, you can rest assured that the process is completed according to the rules and regulations set forth in California law.

Arnold Law Group is here to help divorcing spouses in San Jose navigate the family law process as little difficulty as possible. Under the direction of an attorney from our firm, you can better understand the divorce process in its entirety.

Aspects of the divorce process include but are not limited to:

Contested vs. Uncontested Divorce

Contested Divorce
Contested divorce cases usually come about when a divorcing couple cannot reach an agreement regarding the terms of their divorce. In such cases, matters such as disclosures, temporary orders, discovery, settlement negotiations, and trial often become heated debates. The process to complete a contested divorce can take significantly longer and cost much more than an uncontested divorce.

Only with an aggressive lawyer on your side during the contested divorce process do you stand the chance of settling the matter in you favor. At Arnold Law Group, we are prepared to take your case to court to fight for the assets and rights that are most important to you. Call us today to learn more.

Uncontested Divorce
Uncontested divorce is a much cheaper and faster way to complete the dissolution of your marriage. Typically, uncontested cases of divorce are concluded in less than 25% of the time that it takes to complete a contested divorce. Because uncontested divorces are not litigious cases, they do not require multiple courtroom hearings to resolve heated spousal debates.

The process to complete an uncontested divorce involves a meeting of the attorneys of both spouses, at which time the necessary paperwork will be provided and completed. After being advised of any applicable laws involved in your case, you will be given a drafted agreement in legal format. This agreement will be reviewed and signed by the judge.

Don't wait to call our office to start your divorce process. The sooner you take legal action, the stronger your case may be. Call Arnold Law Group's divorce lawyers in San Jose today.

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