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Our team does not make empty claims of caring & being assertive action oriented, but we prove it in the way we conduct ourselves and your case.

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We're accustomed to handling difficult cases related to divorce, child custody and visitation - we do it every single day.

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We walk with our clients every step of the way - whether the journey involves filing for bankruptcy, fighting foreclosure or pursuing debt relief.

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San Jose Divorce Lawyer

More than 30 years of combined experience!

As you search for the right attorney to represent your best interests and safeguard your rights during a divorce, family law or bankruptcy case, you should consider the experience and reputation of each firm. At Arnold Law Group, we have more than 30 years of combined experience serving clients with their various legal needs. We are dedicated to pursuing the best possible case results for our clients and want to ensure a positive experience during each step of every case.

Whether you want to protect your rights as a father or are in need of information about bankruptcy alternatives, our full-service law firm can be your greatest resource! Our clients are extremely important to us, which is why we strive to ensure that they are fully protected and informed. We want to help you achieve the best possible results.

When pursuing the results you need, we invest significant time and effort on our part. Whatever your case requires, we will go that extra step to obtain the best possible outcome on your behalf. Call to learn more about how our San Jose divorce lawyers can help you today.

Arnold Law Group: Where Actions Speak Louder Than Words

No one wants to pay for a lawyer who can talk the talk but not walk the walk. At Arnold Law Group, we do not make false claims or promise something if we are unable to make that particular objective happen. Our San Jose divorce lawyers provide caring and assertive legal guidance that is displayed in the manner that we represent clients on a daily basis.

We are genuine San Jose divorce and bankruptcy attorneys who live by integrity. Teamwork is an essential component of the manner in which we represent our clients. We begin by listening to the concerns of our clients and asking questions to determine what their goals are for their cases.

After a free case evaluation, we keep our clients' personal goals in mind and then build a case strategy to pursue that specific outcome. You can contact us at your convenience for your case consultation.

Who We Are

At Arnold Law Group, we want you to trust in the legal guidance that we offer. You will need to place your trust in us, whether you are navigating the divorce process or filing for a Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy. In order to confidently place your case in our hands, you must know who we are.

Our divorce lawyers in San Jose are members of:

  • California State Bar
  • Fresno County Bar Association
  • Santa Clara County Bar Association
  • Los Angeles County Bar Association
  • California Public Defenders Association
  • Americas DUI DWI Attorneys
  • Central California Bankruptcy Association
  • Fresno Young Lawyers Association
  • Fresno County Women Lawyers
  • Personal Injury Legal Network
  • La Visionaria Guild

Going Above & Beyond to Help People

Our full-service law firm handles a wide range of cases pertaining to family law and bankruptcy. We have also been recognized as smart and talented lawyers in the fields of divorce and bankruptcy law.

Our firm has become known for the following qualities and accomplishments:

  • Personal involvement in the local community
  • Experienced family law attorneys / experienced bankruptcy attorneys
  • Committed to client satisfaction and communication
  • Committed to achieving client goals and exceptional case results
  • Participation in Fresno's Color Me Rad
  • Participation in Restaurant Take-Over hosted by La Visionaria Guild
  • Thousands of satisfied clients
  • Advocates for the rights of fathers
  • Excellent reputation and proven experience
  • High satisfaction rate among our clients

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We can guide you through each step of your family law or bankruptcy case. For instance, if bankruptcy is not your first choice in debt relief, we can suggest bankruptcy alternatives. In addition, we can help you determine whether bankruptcy is right for you. No matter what type of family law matter you are involved in, we have the skill to help you as well.

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  • "We had filed a Chapter 13 and had concerns about two issues; the purchase of a car and the loss and disposition of our home during our bankruptcy. Mr. Arnold assured us that he could help us with both issues, and he did so expeditiously. Mr. Arnold's demeanor is comforting, honest and professional. We will always recommend this law firm without reservation."

    Jim and Debra Johnson (Client)

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