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Child Support

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San Jose Child Support Attorney

Secure a Fair Support Agreement

By law, both parents are obligated to sustain their child's needs through financial means. In order to ensure that you do so correctly, we encourage you to contact a San Jose child support lawyer from our office. We can help you throughout the process of establishing a support agreement that works for both you and your child.

Child support legal requirements are comprised of three aspects:

  • Fundamental sustenance
  • Medical provisions
  • Childcare assistance

Generally, financial child support lasts until your child reaches the age of 18 or until high school graduation, whichever comes later.

What are the laws regarding child support?

If both spouses are willing, child support can be agreed upon between the parents of a child. If they cannot agree, the court will determine the amount of child support to be paid.

The court's determination will be pursuant to guideline formulas that take into account factors such as:

  • Percentage of time the child spends with each parent
  • Each parent's monthly income
  • Deductions such as health insurance
  • Mandatory retirement and other allotted deductions

Many more factors are involved in this decision. For a more detailed explanation of issues affecting child support orders, contact the San Jose family lawyers at Arnold Law Group today.

Failure to pay child support could result in any number of legal consequences, some of which include:

  • Invalidation of state driver's license
  • Taking tax refunds at the state and federal levels
  • Suspension of professional license
  • Freezing bank accounts
  • Adding interest to past due child support payments
  • Imprisonment

Modifying a Court Order

Child support agreementCircumstances change. When they do, Arnold Law Group is here to help you modify a pre-existing child support order that no longer serves the situation adequately. If a job loss or hefty medical bills are now preventing you from paying the full amount of child support that you owe, we are here to help.

Our attorneys can meet with you in San Jose to determine the amount of child support that you should be paying or receiving according to your current circumstances. If necessary, we can immediately file a request for modification and then appear in court on your behalf. To date, we have a very successful record of obtaining favorable results in modification cases, so don't hesitate to contact us for the legal assistance you need.

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